Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Before using our services, kindly read these terms and conditions carefully.

Refund Policy

Providing the goods on schedule and in accordance with the specifications specified by the customer in the contract is the owner's responsibility. The consumer is entitled to a partially or fully refund in accordance with our Money Back Guaranteed Program would any of the firm's agreements be broken.

Money-Back Guaranteed Agreement

  • Writer not yet designated: Even though it's uncommon, it does happen occasionally. The percentage of the return is always 100%. If such an event does take place, the client should not be concerned because they will be informed as soon as feasible. If you need a different Writer to complete your request but none who is qualified is accessible, your case will be forwarded to our disputes section. Upon reviewing it, we will carry out the relevant reimbursement in accordance with your requirement.
  • You opted to reject the purchase even after the Writer had been verified. To account for the time and effort put forth by the business and the Author in an ability to realize the goods and services you ordered, the reimbursement rate in this instance ranges among 100% to 70%.
  • Despite the fact that the Author was verified and more than 50% of the timeframe had elapsed, the client still chose to cancel the purchase. The Writer and Firm may offer a 50% reimbursement to offset their costs associated with fulfilling your purchase request.
  • Except in the event of the author becoming unwell or other exigencies might there be a late delivery. To make up for the delayed delivery, the firm will issue a refund in an acceptable amount. With the consumer in confidential, the precise sum will be negotiated.
  • All orders will be delivered on time, it is confirmed. The customer's uploading of necessary materials relatively late might occasionally cause delays. There can be no reimbursement in this case. Because of this, it is often best to give all relevant information about the assignment at once, along with any supplementary sources that will be needed.
  • The decision to abandon all of the monies or not is up to the client if the purchase was only finished after the first timeframe had elapsed.
  • Disputed asserts: The firm management will look into a customer's request for a reimbursement if they are unsatisfied with their purchase and want to complain. Depending on how the investigation turns out, the refund application will either be allowed or rejected. Remember that we are constantly looking to have completely happy customers. As a result, we will always try our best to serve the client fairly and attain the highest level of customer service.
  • Accidental Double Transaction: You must get in touch with us as quickly as possible to rescind an order that you made incorrectly. That other sequence is not required must be made clear to us. If we do not acquire a withdrawal request before to assigning an Author, the transaction shall be deemed to be genuine. However, one of the aforementioned scenarios will apply if you choose to cancel the deal. If you get proforma invoice, you must contact us right away, particularly if Your Individual Account remained the same. For us to correctly handle the situation and carry out the complete refund for the additional price, you must email us both invoices. Rarely do occurrences like these take place. It is impossible to bill a client for a single purchase except if the consumer made a mistaken payment for it. When certain situations do happen, we have two options: we may suspend or restrict the amount for the subsequent order, or we can issue a markdown that could also pay the entire amount.
  • Content which has been accused of being copied: A Turnitin document is required if it is claimed that the assignment the Author assisted you with was copied. Other claims will not be acknowledged, and there would be no possibility of a refund without them.

There will be no reimbursement due to you if:

  • The project is assumed to have already been finished and you approve the grade until you have given the Author a specific percent of the overall payment. So, the money that was issued is non-refundable.
  • Unexpectedly receiving a bad quality than anticipated: Please be aware that we cannot promise you'll get good scores. The materials we deliver are only intended to be used as rough draft specimens or as a frame of comparison; they are not complete for submissions until the client has accepted them and double-checked them.
  • Delayed payments: If the client complains that the purchase was postponed but in fact the pay-out was also postponed, we will not be held liable. Additionally, a reimbursement cannot be asked for.
  • Note: as because the end dates change in the situation of a modification limit, the earlier indicated delay reimbursements and the recompilation of the pricing do not occur.
  • Please be aware that the transaction you make for edit, reviewing, or structuring solutions involves unique content produced from you and might include contextual mistakes.
  • Refund window has closed: Following 6 months of the total transaction initial date, returns are possible. We can't give you a reimbursement if six months have gone since the time of purchase.

*The Client is not permitted to use any sort of the items that were delivered prior to the Order cancellation if it occurs. Returning to the corporation go all trademark rights.


Refund processing

The firm will complete the reimbursement in 2 days of your receiving the confirmation. Kindly be informed that the firm is not liable for your banking transaction cost, abnormalities, or any disruption caused by any banking service problems.

The Refunds are processed within 5-7 working days from the date of request. The refunded amount will be credited to the customer’s bank account within this timeframe.